Ordering Your Platter

All Platters are made fresh on the day of collection/delivery and are to be CONSUMED ON THE SAME DAY to ensure they are enjoyed as fresh as possible!

Please note our platters are prepared in the same kitchen where the use of allergen ingredients are used very frequently.


For Allergy Advice, please see here.


To place an order simply choose collection or delivery below and fill out the order form. 

Please read before ordering

We are CLOSED Sundays & Mondays




We are now taking orders for the following dates -



  • Saturday 24th - LOCAL DELIVERY


  • Tuesday 27th - COLLECTION

  • Wednesday 28th - COLLECTION

  • Thursday 29th - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Friday 30th -COLLECTION

  • Saturday 31st - FULLY BOOKED


  • Tuesday 3rd - COLLECTION 

  • Wednesday 4th - COLLECTION

  • Thursday 5th - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Friday 6th - COLLECTION 

  • Saturday 7th - LOCAL DELIVERY


  • Tuesday 10th - COLLECTION 

  • Wednesday 11th - COLLECTION 

  • Thursday 12th - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Friday 13th - COLLECTION 

  • Saturday 14th - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Tuesday 17th - COLLECTION 

  • Wednesday 18th - COLLECTION 

  • Thursday 19th - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Friday 20th - COLLECTION 

  • Saturday 21st - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Tuesday 24th - COLLECTION 

  • Wednesday 25th - COLLECTION 

  • Thursday 26th - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Friday 27th - COLLECTION

  • Saturday 28th - LOCAL DELIVERY


  • Tuesday 1st December - COLLECTION 

  • Wednesday 2nd December - COLLECTION 

  • Thursday 3rd December - LOCAL DELIVERY 

  • Friday 4th December - COLLECTION 

  • Saturday 5th December - FULLY BOOKED

  • Tuesday 8th December - COLLECTION

  • Wednesday 9th December - COLLECTION

  • Thursday 10th December - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Friday 11th December - COLLECTION 

  • Saturday 12th December - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Tuesday 15th December - COLLECTION 

  • Wednesday 16th December - COLLECTION 

  • Thursday 17th December - LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Friday 18th December - COLLECTION 

  • Saturday 19th December - LOCAL DELIVERY 

    This week will be slightly different. We will be open on Monday the 21st, and Monday - Thursday will have both collection and delivery options available. 

    It will be a £4 delivery charge for dates 21st-23rd December & a £5 delivery charge for Christmas Eve delivery.


  • Tuesday 22nd December- COLLECTION & LOCAL DELIVERY

  • Wednesday 23rd December - COLLECTION & LOCAL DELIVERY 

  • Thursday 24th December- FULLY BOOKED!

These are the only dates open for orders at this time. We are not taking any other future date orders at present, please keep an eye on our social media pages for announcements. 

Please note, we will be closed from the 25th December to the 5th of January.

Due to different collection and delivery availability for the week of Christmas we have created a specific order form for this week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on fullofzing@hotmail.co.uk.

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