Fruit Platters

Each platter will come either wrapped or in its presentation platter box.

To be consumed on SAME DAY they have been prepared on!

Our fruit platters include a mixture of in season fruits, Nutella dip and chocolate treats! *Platters Contain Nuts - from Nutella & Chocolate treats*

Mini Fruit Platter £23

The mini fruit platters are the perfect size for gifts!

Great for 2 people sharing or up to 4 grazing!

20x30cm Slate Platter 

Add a short personal message to this platter.


For example -

“happy birthday”, “get well soon”, “new home".

Large Fruit Platter £52

The large fruit platters are ideal for a centre piece at a party or a catering event!


 Serves approx. 10-12 people grazing.

52x39cm (oval tray)


Add a similar length of message to the medium platter.

Medium Fruit Platter £33

The medium fruit platters are great for when there are a few more mouths to feed!


Serves approx. 6 people grazing.

40x30cm Slate Platter


Add a slightly longer message to this platter.

For example -

"happy birthday mum", “happy wedding day”, “happy 21st birthday”

Watermelon Pizza £20

8 Slices of chunky watermelon, topped with your favourite fruity ingredients, white chocolate treats and a pot of Nutella!

Presented on a Round Slate Platter Approx 29cm Diameter 


Personal message on the gift tag only!

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